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Welcome to MAKE ME SMILE! Its a Place where sustainability meets

contemporary design.

We're dedicated to using the finest repurposed and recycled materials,

supplemented only by what's essential in new materials. Each piece is

meticulously handcrafted with precision and care, reflecting our commitment

to quality craftsmanship, environmental responsibility and our decision to

steer clear of fashion fads.

Our accessories are not just pieces; they're reflections of individuality,

elevating any ensemble with their unique charm.

Founded by Theresa Brar in Basel, MAKE ME SMILE  celebrates your

one-of-a-kind style, curating accessories that tell your story and add a special

touch to any contemporary look. 

​Thank you for all the helping hands, which make this project come true.




GLASS all our glass pieces are hand shaped and handcrafted in Basel. We work with glass which is specially selected from discarded tiffany glass from church windows, Moretti and other discarded glass pieces. We recommend protecting your pieces from impact or bending and handle with care to ensure longevity.

BRASS all our brass pieces, such as lockets, rings, connecting bits, hoops or ear studs, are made from recycled brass which gets produced and gold plated in Istanbul. All pieces are nickel free (antiallergic) we recommend not to wear brass underwater or expose it to high levels of salt and keep it in a dry place while not wearing it. You can also clean your piece with a jewelry polishing cloth.


BEADS all our beads are selected with time and care, gathered over many years from vintage shops and flea markets. Some stones are sourced from Portugal, Morocco and Greece. Whether resin, glass or stone, each bead is chosen meticulously and makes each piece of jewelry unique.

TEXTILES our textiles are crafted using the ancient weaving technique RANG RANG, handcrafted by a women's association in Bali. This initiative supports their families, and we've nurtured this collaboration for several years. The women who produce our textiles have become more like friends, and through visiting the production, I can assure you with confidence that the working conditions and environment are optimal.

To ensure longevity, please keep the textile dry and protected from direct sunlight.



If you encounter any defects with your product, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will find a solution for you.



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